How to set your workstation at home for maximum productivity in lock down time

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The problem in the present times are making all of us lose it to the core. We all are sitting at home and figuring out what is going right and wrong around us. However, while we are on it, we also have to take care of the fact that people around the world are dealing with a lot and so is our economy.

Amid the lockdown, we all are supporting the economy in a way while we are working from home. However, so that we do not kill ourselves in boredom we are here to tell you how you can set your workstation at home and feel motivated.

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Set a table and chair

We need a table and a chair to start with. It gives us a proper set up to sit and work and not feel lazy because of the atmosphere at home while the corona virus has hit the masses. Find a spot that suits you the best. Set a table and a chair, place your laptop and work like it needs to be done.

Decorate the space –

Adding decorative to the home work station, mats, small statues, maybe keep the calendar and all that you like. This will make your vibes positive. Anything that shall be added to the setup should create a certain type of mood that will help you in working better.

Comfort should be the priority

Adding cushions, choosing the right chair that is at home shall be kept under key considerations so that it will help you to sit in one position for long hours. However, if you are tired lay down for 10 minutes in these social distancing times, who will know? Right?

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