How to earn money at home during Lockdown

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After the pandemic has hit the people of the country, the government announced a lockdown of all offices, services except essentials. In these trying times, if you are sitting home and do not understand what you can do to get some extra income at home, we are here to help you with some ideas that will be handy to fill your pockets with some extra money during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Content writing – 

Write for websites and get payments. Many companies have opened the seat for freelance content writers. If you think, you have command over the language they are asking for. Get paid for your write-ups with these companies.

Graphic designing –

Designers wanted this opportunity to work at their leisure. So designers are ready to get payments during the lockdown. Many companies are hiring freelance Graphic Designers during this time. Switch on your laptop and earn money for your talent with these companies. 

Selling your photographs – 

If you are a photographer and you have pictures that are beyond beautiful, here is the chance for you to be paid for the same. If you have a collection of beautiful pictures that are worth being paid. Sell them on websites like Getty images, shutter stock, and more. 

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Make some art and craft – 

If you are great at arts and crafts. Do it for a living and earn in the time of lockdown. Be all creative and pick up orders from people to make creative paintings, craft structures, and more. 

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