Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India – For the Love of Love

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Making plans for your honeymoon is quite an interesting thing to do, if you want to go to honeymoon destinations which are mostly un-stalked by the couples and not thought of easily, we will bring to your notice some of the offbeat Indian locations that are sure to trigger the bond of love within you two.


If oceans, beaches, seasides are something you have always thought of then one should forget Andaman this time and cross lines planning for Lakshadweep. Serenity, tranquillity are some of the words best attached to this place.

The sheer beauty of the blue sky and water, brown sand will make you walk hand in hand with your spouse. Laze on the sand and make this vacation give you stories for a lifetime.


The hilly retreat, lush greenery, peace in each leaf of the place, luxury and romance dwells with pride to make you go bonkers by just looking at the picture of the natural beauty in the south of the country.

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Aromatic coffee estates, chilly plantations, elevated mountains, windy atmosphere and your love’s hand in yours. The place is waiting for you both to mark your presence in this blossoming honeymoon destination.


Goa and Andaman are too mainstream for you people, visit another beauty, which perfectly describes, “The Road not taken”, the clean beaches, splendid beauty of the landscapes, Portuguese culture, cleanliness, and less population is what comprises the cityscape of this wondrous honeymoon destination.

Caves and forts of this city are other attractions other than its muddy sand and laid – back beaches. The colorful houses and quaint streets decorated near the town will make you feel like you are in a foreign location.

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