History Of The Day – 20th February

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1901- Ramakrishna Ranga Rao, Politician, And Zamindar, Was Born.

1985: Death anniversary of Bhawani Prasad Mishra who was a Hindi poet and author. He was honored with Sahitya Akademi Award in 1972 for his book Buni Hui Rassi.

1988 – Jiah Khan, American-Indian Actress, And Singer, Was Born.

1999: Mr. Vajpayee traveled to Lahore for the inaugural run of the bus between New Delhi and Lahore.

2010 – Basavaraju Venkata Padmanabha Rao, An Indian Actor, Died.


1513: Pope Julius II Died. He Was Rested In A Huge Tomb That Was Sculpted By Michelangelo.

1809: The U.S. Supreme Court Ruled That The Power Of The Federal Government Was Greater Than Any Individual State In The Union.

1831: Polish Revolutionaries Defeated The Russians In The Battle Of Grochow.

1864: Confederate Troops Defeated The Union Army That Was Sent To Bring Florida Into The Union At The Battle Of Olustee, Fla.

1900: Airship Of J.F. Pickering Got Its Patent.

1915: President Woodrow Wilson Opened The Panama- Pacific Expo In San Francisco To Celebrate The Opening Of The Panama Canal.

1918: The Soviet Red Army Seized Kiev, Which Is The Capital Of Ukraine.

1938: Hitler Demanded Self-Determination For The Germans In Austria And Czechoslovakia.

1941: The United States Sent Warplanes To The Pacific.

1954: The Ford Foundation Gave A 25 Million Dollars Grant To The Fund For The Advancement Of Education

1959: The FCC Applied The Equal Time Rule To TV Newscasts For The Political Candidates.

1962: Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Became The First American To Orbit The Earth.

1971: Young People Sat On A Protest To Cut Their Long Hair In Athens, Greece.


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