History Of The Day – 18th February

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1665 – Portuguese Handed Over Mumbai Island To England In The British Raj.

1719 – Rafi-Us-Darajat Was Made The Mughal Emperor.

1905 – Indian Home Rule Society Was Founded On This Day.

1946 – Cabinet Mission In India Was Started.

1998 – Shri Subramanian Was Awarded With One Of The Highest Laurels – The Bharat Ratna.

1999 – The Popular India Brand Equity Fund Was Launched (IBEF).


1478: Duke Of Clarence, George, Who Opposed His Brother Edward IV Was Killed In The Tower Of London.

1688: Pa, Quakers In Germantown Was The One Who Adopted The First Formal Antislavery Resolution In America.

1861: Victor Emmanuel II Became The King Of Italy.

1865: The Confederates Were Forced By The Union Troops To Abandon Ford Anderson, NC.

1878: Lincoln Country War, Which Was Bitter And Bloody, Began After The Murder Of Billy The Kid’s Mentor, Englishman Rancher John Tunstall.

1885: Mark Twain’s The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Was Published In New York.

1907: 600,000 Tons Of Grains Were Sent To Russia To Relieve The Famine There.

1932: Manchurian Formally Declared Its Independence.

1939: The Golden Gate Exposition Was Opened In San Francisco.

1943: Erwin Rommel, A German General, Took Three Towns In Tunisia, North Africa.

1954: East And West Berlin Dropped Thousands Of Propaganda Leaflets On Each Other After The End Of A Month-Long Truce Between Them.

1962: Robert F. Kennedy Said That The U.S. Troops Would Stay In Vietnam Until The Communism Is Defeated.

1967: The National Art Gallery In Washington Agreed To Buy A Da Vinci For A Record Of 5 Million Dollars.

1972: The California Supreme Court Voided The Death Penalty.

1974: Randolph Hearst Is To Give $2 Million In Free Food For The Poor In Order To Open Talks For His Daughter Patty.

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