History Of The Day – 17th February

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History Of The Day – 17th February


1670:  Tanaji Won The Sinhgarh Fort

Tanhaji won the Sinhgarh fort for Shivaji, however he lost his life in this battle.

1980: Indira Gandhi Dissolved Assemblies

Indira Gandhi Dissolved 9 assemblies of the opposition

1993: Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Book

The name of the book which Pandit ji wrote was “A day will come when India will remember her.” 


1720: Spain Signed The Treaty Of The Hague

Spain signed a treaty of the Hague with the Quadruple Alliance that ended war which began in 1718.

1865: South Carolina Was Destroyed By Fire

The South Carolina capital city, Columbia was destroyed by fire after Major General William Tecumseh Sherman marches through.

1909: Apache Chief Geronimo Died Of Pneumonia

Geronimo, Chief of Apache died because of Pneumonia. He was 80 years of age and was still captivated at Fort Sill, Oklahoma

1919: Germany Signed An Armistice

Germany signed an armistice and gave up a territory in Poland.

1933: League Of Nations Censured Japan In A Broadcast

The League of Nations censured Japan in a worldwide broadcast.

1938: First Color Television Was Demonstrated In London

In 1938, first television in colored format was demonstrated at the Dominion Theatre in London.

1955: Hydrogen Bombs By Britain

Britain announced that the country was now able to produce hydrogen bombs

1959: First Weather Station In Space

The United States launched its very first weather station in Space – Vanguard II.

1973: Patrick Gray Became Director Of FBI

Patrick Gray was named as the director of FBI by President Richard Nixon.

1985: Murray Haydon Became Received Artificial Heart

Murray Haydon became the 3rd person to receive artificial heart.

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