Health transformations by Bollywood men in 2020 that might sound like GOALS!

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Amid all the problems and worries people had to go through because of the woes of the year 2020, some of us actually made the most of the lockdown and worked towards hustling to live a better, healthier life, including these superstars-

Honey Singh – The Rap hero!

It was time for Singh to get back in shape and that’s exactly what he did. 

Finding passion in kickboxing, the rapper dropped around 35 kilos and currently weighs between 80-85 kg.  

A serious diet plan, a dedicated workout ethic and the commitment to get rid of all the bad habits have turned him into a big inspiration for the people around him.

Anil Kapoor – Aging! What’s that?

Ever since he was 30-years-old, it seems as if he has stopped aging. But in 2020, Kapoor decided to turn his commitment to fitness up a notch and work on gaining some muscle mass.

Always a gym freak, the actor used to spend most of his time workout time on some sort of cardio exercises, be it the treadmill or the stationary bike but this year, he took up strength training as well and has not looked back since. As a result, he is now massive and handsome at 60 like ever!

Fardeen Khan – The smarty from early 2000’s

Fardeen Khan used to have a decent physique back in the 90s but with time and age the actor gained an unhealthy amount of weight, so much so that it was nearly impossible to recognize him in a single glance.

However, recent pictures of the actor’s amazing transformation have left the entire industry in absolute awe. Fardeen looks almost exactly the same as he used to back in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Kapil Sharma – King of comedy!

The comedy king of our time, Kapil Sharma’s chat show boosted his popularity to stardom within years. It was inevitable, given the kind of talent and confidence the guy based his performances on.

However with time and money, Sharma began to overlook his health and started to gain weight on a regular basis.I n a video recently shot by Kapil Sharma’s colleague Archana Puran Singh, the comedian revealed that he had suffered a slipped disk and started putting in the work at the gym ever since.

To his own confession, Kapil Sharma has lost over 11 kilos to come down from 92kg to a healthy 81.

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