Google Assistant is the new tech buddy- let’s know!

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Every time Google comes up with its latest tech in the space, we are more enthusiastic about using it. With stunning performance and edgy look over the products, it proves to satisfy wants. Talking about one of the most popular software inventions by google would be “Google Assistant”.

The appearance of google has majorly affected the consumers in the Google ecosystem. Long ago with the invention of the very friendly voice assistant app, “Siri”, Apple made its intelligent effort in providing people with easy assistance over everything.

Now with Google Assistant, android users, as well as other tablet and desktop users, have that comfort to provide contextual information and other actions with machine learning.

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What does google assistant exactly do?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and developed by Google as mentioned above. It is also processed with artificial intelligence where the communication or conversation is artificially done. The voice recognition helps in this case.

Google Now as a Google Assistant

“Ok, Google” or Google Now that is present in smartphones and smartwatches is one of the excellent examples of Google Assistant. It is again powered by google and this application holds two-way communication. Complete assistance is provided by this application. Developed most smartly, it gives an accessible allowance to the user. 

Advantages of Google Assistant

1.You can play your favorite news be it sports, entertainment or any.

2.Reminders and the shopping list can be easily accessed through your assistant.

3.All kinds of conversations are most welcome.

4.Traffic updates can be taken easily with this.

5.Play music and video with this one-touch technology.

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