Giant Companies that still work like start-ups

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Giant companies that still work like start-ups are a fad in the present times. Let us know about some giant companies that still work as are start-ups and make their employees feel at home even when they are at work. Let us know about some of these companies


Google is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Applying the start-up mindset in the big shot companies have been known by the term Intrapreneurship that is being followed by Google. It is the entrepreneurial vision of the start – up firms combined with the R and D structure of the established brands. They work with full force rather making a relation with the people and treating employees like friends so that most innovation could be rendered through them.

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One of the best companies in the world Microsoft is also working like a start – up. However, you might be thinking that the company has more than 98000 employees working under them. Is it right to say they work as start – ups? Yes, you are right, they have a great mass but they are all closely knit with one another and the basic need, that is – Innovation and friendly environment is what lets the giant Microsoft stand on the position it is today.


Coca cola is the second most known word in the world after ok – as per google, so it is very evident that the market of Coca Cola is almost in all cities of the world. However, still the company works in close environment and the hierarchy of the company is always innovative and encouraging towards one another, making Coca cola one of the best Giant start – up like companies.

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