Gemstones that are rarer than Diamond

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Gemstones are born out of violent geochemical actions that occurred millions of years ago. They have been valued for their beauty and rarity. While some gemstones are cherished for their vibrancy, others are known for being head-splittingly difficult to find. 


First found in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830’s, these gemstones are known for their metamerism (the ability to change colour depending upon the nature of ambient lighting). It is knows as an “emerald by day” and “ruby by night”, due to this. For the longest time, the gemstone can be seen in Russia; but lately, Andhra Pradesh, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka have also discovered Alexandrite deposits as well.

Fire opal

In Ancient Persia and India, the Fire Opal was popular as a symbol of love – it is not hard to see why. This particular type of opal is very rare, and very vibrant. It is mostly found in dry regions (this also accounts in during evaluation, as opals coming from wetter regions are considered markedly inferior). Opal is the most synthetically produced gemstone in the whole world. The name ‘Opal’ comes from the Sanskrit term úpala, meaning ‘jewel’.

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Paraiba Tourmaline

While there are common variants of Tourmalines frequently found in nature, the blue/green ones are exceptionally rare. We can find them in Paraiba in Eastern Brazil. These ‘neon’ tourmalines look pretty, not just because of their rich depth in colour (which accounts in evaluation of the gem), they are also diamagnetic (they repel a magnet. Specifically, a Neodymium magnet). Very rarely do Paraiba Tourmalines exist in nature that are greater than 3 carats.

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