Fairs and Festivals of Jaipur

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During the time of fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan, you can see people dressed in their traditional attires, local markets lit up, and the city in the perfect mood of festivities. If this kind of visit is on your mind, do not waste a single second and check for these times when the city is absorbed in the colors of festivities.

The famous fairs and festivals of Jaipur are as follows –

Gangaur Festival –

This is the festival for the ladies of the city. The married and the non-married adult ladies worship the clay prepared deities of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi. Unmarried girls pray for the good groom and the married to extend the living years of husbands.

Special rituals across the city take place in temples, markets, and public meetings. Dances and traditional clothing are the most famous decor of the fairs and festivals in Jaipur.

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Kites festival –

Kite Festival is the celebration of harvest. It is celebrated with distinguished names all across the nation. The festival marks the presence of the harvest season and is celebrated with full force across the nation with different activities, Jaipur to be precise organizes a kite festival and decorates the blue sky with the joy of color flooding with the game of kite flying. 

Cultural functions, traditional activities, and pure festivities take up the mood at the fairs and festivals of Jaipur.

Teej festival –

It is somewhat similar to Ganguar. During Teej festival women worship the lords for a good groom and long life again. It is a colorful time where girls wear traditional clothes, dance, and organize traditional parties. Try to head to a family where this is practiced and you will enjoy the best of both the worlds. 

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