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Amazon Prime is a huge e-commerce annual subscription service. It is also a mass gaining live video streaming web plus mobile application service. It has a paid subscription, which costs $119. You will be surprised to know that there are almost 100 million American Prime members in this row.

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1) It was launched in 2005

Amazon prime took first step hitting its peak all over the world but the popularity took years to accomplish with more than 100 million followers in the United States of America. After which it took its spread in the other countries as well with not only the online delivery service but also you can also download your favorite’s offline.

2) Prime members pay for the year upfront

There is a subscription plan where monthly subscription can be paid for prime at $10.99 per month but people choose to pay annually. It is noted that only 26 % choose to pay for a monthly plan.

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3) Its well researched that Amazon Prime members pay more

Clear research had been generated that out of all, Amazon Prime members tend to pay more than the other E-commerce video streaming sites. Which is around $1300 on the E-commerce site than the non-members.

4) Grab amazing discount and offers on government assistance

To take advantage of the prime membership amazon offers discounted membership to anyone through government assistance. It is also said that if anyone has a state-issued debit card for government benefits, they can easily pay $5.99 a month for the prime subscription.

5) Students get discounted memberships

Prime students can offer current students a flat 50% discount on prime membership. If you are still a school student this a bingo for you. Students also get a discount on textbooks.

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