5 Fun Facts that are related to eyelash shedding – know the details

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Some may consider eyelashes to be an underrated feature, yet do you realize that they have the important employment of protecting the eyes from the residue, soil, and debris? Yes, they’re pretty awesome! One amazing fact about them is that they shed every 60-90 days. There’s nothing to stress over! Eyelash shedding is normal, and sometimes, a person can lose up to twenty percent of their lashes every few weeks. Read on to learn more about lash shedding.

Each Lash Has A Life Expectancy

Did you realize that every single eyelash you have has a life expectancy of 2-3 months? Although they don’t fall out together all at once, you will lose a few lashes every 60-90 days. In fact, each person has a unique lash growth cycle, and our lashes can shed anywhere between 1 to 5 lashes per day. Thankfully the process isn’t painful, and more often than not, we don’t even realize that we’ve lost them in any case.

New Lashes Grow Back Sooner Than Expected

Once the old lashes shed, new ones grow back in their place soon. The transition takes as long as 6 weeks. If you notice evident gaps between your lashes, you may have to visit a lash technician and pick lash extensions. A lash extension is basically a cosmetic procedure that helps to enhance your natural, pretty lashes.

Picking At Your Eyelashes Could Damage Them

Fidgeting and pulling your eyelashes can damage your natural lashes. In case you’re removing the mascara on these lashes, you must do it with care and patience. On the off chance that your lashes don’t naturally shed; however, fall out because of external factors, it could take longer for the natural lash to grow back in its place.

You Can Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer Naturally

If you don’t want to decide on eyelash extensions to treat lash shedding, then have a go at coating your natural lashes with eyelash serum, castor oil, Vitamin E oil, or olive oil. Use a disposable mascara wand to apply either of these oils on your natural lashes. To notice positive results, you would have to wait for 3-5 months.

Your Upper and Lower Lash Line Do Not Have The Same Number of Lashes

It’s true! Your upper lash line has about 200-300 lashes, while your lower lash line has about 100 lashes. The hair on your upper lash line grows faster and thicker, while the lashes on the lower lash line tends to grow slower and shorter. An interesting fact is that the middle lashes often grow longer than the side ones. In some cases, the upper lashes tend to shed faster than the lower ones.

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