E-commerce or Online shopping v/s Store Shopping| Which one is better?

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The E-commerce websites have taken the market with a storm, everywhere. It came, it saw and it completely conquered the market with its bewitching and surprising bucket of new-born ideas related to shopping.

Who wants to waste time these days when we get just one holiday in a week shopping and getting our wardrobes up – to – date? Online shopping or E-commerce is standing at your disposal to let the charm flow with the fashion you recreate each day while shopping online.

The market of e-commerce in India was worth $3.9 billion in the year 2009; it grew at a rapid rate of $12.6 billion in the year 2013. In the same year, the e – retail segment was worth 2.3 US Billion dollars. About 79% of India’s e-commerce market is said to have its relationship with travel.

According to a study of Google India, there were near about 35 million online shoppers in the country of India in the year 2014. It was also expected to cross the 100 million mark by the end of the year 2016.

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Everyone is happy with this widely flowing revolution except the people who were running the stores on the streets of the busy cities and practicing store shopping. Though the market of these two diverse sellers is widely different, nonetheless the stores and the retail sector faced a heavy loss, as people were more inclined towards sitting at home and shopping their hearts out.

There are pros and cons to whatever we do in our daily life, the same goes for the market of online shopping as well. With loads of goods, it comes with like the options of exchange and returns, fast delivery, easy shopping sessions, wide variety, cash on delivery, etc.

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