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Congratulations on the good news. With these happy faces come great responsibilities as this is the time you are home to another life as well and it is wholly and solely your responsibility to take care of the little munchkin sleeping in your womb, the first step that must be taken good care of is – Food.

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Let us look at some of the best and must-have food items for a pregnant woman –

Your baby loves dairy products –

For a healthy, well-grown baby gobble some extra yogurt, milk, ghee, and butter. Make it a habit to have at least 2-glass milk in a day and a bowl full of yogurt. The probiotics present in these products also help you not to face any complications.

Whole grains for the gains –

Another shop stopper in the list for those pregnant women is the intake of whole wheat. Oats and chapattis will give you those extra calories for the day that comes with the ‘to do’ list when expecting another life. Whole wheat is the perfect source of various vitamins, fibers, and even plant compounds.

Dry fruits on the go –

Get all ears women, this is like a note to make. Dry fruits will always help you when you have a sudden wish to eat something. Also, they are the best source of fatty acids, calcium, vitamins, proteins, and whatnot. So, next time when you feel the calories for the day could not be met take a bowl full of dry fruits like almond and cashew to treat yourself.

Water| the ultimate need –

Your baby needs that extra dose of water. H2o is the designer of the body; your baby is in the phase where his hands and those little toes are growing. Warn yourself to drink plenty of water for if not you then your baby might be feeling the need of the same.

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