Easy And Quick Ways To Grow Your Nails Naturally

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Pretty nail paints are only the icing on the cake, what’s most important is what lies below i.e. healthy nails. We all agree to the fact that long, beautiful, and long nails make our hands look pretty. In fact, most of the ladies wish to have long, strong nails. But for those who have short and brittle nails, it’s a constant struggle to grow nails and take care of them.

Daily wear and tear lead to broken and hangnails, and constant use of nail polish and gel can weaken your nails over time. So the question is how to actually grow nails out and keep them long? There are many natural remedies to grow nails faster. 

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Here are some tips to grow your nails longer while maintaining their health.

1. When you apply nail polish, make sure to not skip the base coat. Basecoat acts as a protective layer between your actual nail polish and the top layer of the nail.

2. This habit of biting nails leads to multiple bacterial infections that slow down the growth of the skin and nails in that area. So it’s a high time to get rid of  this habit of biting nails.

3.Healthy cuticles are important to grow healthy long nails. Using cuticle oil and cream will not only keep your cuticles moisturised but will also prevent nail chipping and breakage.

4. If you love to change your nail paint color frequently, make sure you use more natural nail polish removers.  Acetone, which is commonly found in nail polish remover, strips off natural nail oils that are important for nail health.

5. If your nails are brittle and break with a slight jerk, you might need to start your protein intake. For longer and stronger nails, make sure you eat the recommended amount of protein. Eggs and dairy products are good sources of protein.

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