Oily Hair, Dry Hair or Normal Hair: Everything You Need To Know About Different Hair Types

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Our hair is a symbol of pride, beauty, and glory and nothing feels better than shining and manageable hair. Just like your skin, your hair can also say a lot about your health. Only a few people are fortunate enough to have perfectly beautiful hair.

There are several factors that affect the condition of our hair.

a) Diet

b) Hormonal changes

c) Stress and Trauma

d)Chemical reactions

There are essentially three types of hair – oily, dry, and normal hair. So how to tell which category your hair type falls under? Read on!

 Oily Hair

Oily hair has a greasy feeling, even if you just shampooed it. This is because of the tendency of the individual’s scalp to secrete excessive amounts of oil, making the hair appear greasy and oily. The proper concern should be given on the removal of excess oil from the scalp because these will cause clogging up and suffocation of the hair follicles in the scalp and leads to hair fall.

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Dry Hair

This type of hair is prone to tangles and usually has dry and split ends. It also feels rough to the touch, as opposed to the slippery feel of the oily hair type.

Lack of oil on the scalp is the usual cause of dry hair. Overuse of heating appliances and exposure to the sun, which can rob the hair of its essential moisture and natural oils. To get rid of the problem of dry hair, the main focus should be on the restoration of oil and moisture in the hair and frequent shampooing of the hair should be avoided.

Normal/Healthy Hair

Having normal hair means the pH balance of your scalp is normal with a shine. Your hair is healthy and clean. This is the most uncommon hair type and very rare. 

 A simple way to tell what type of hair you have, is to take a tissue or blotting paper. Dab it on your hair. If there is a blot of oil you have oily hair. If there is nothing on the tissue you have dry hair. 


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