Cute nicknames of our loved cricketer players and a short story behind it!

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Cricket is not just a game in our country but is followed like a religion. Almost all of us are crazy about the game. More so, we are diehard fans of the cricket players and celebrate them as we celebrate Bollywood stars.

We are here to tell you about short stories related to the nicknames of the cricket players we celebrate for the great play!

1.  Virat Kohli – Cheeku

The story for the name of our skipper is downright funny. His coach gave the name to him. Coach thought that Virat Kohli resembled a character from Champak comics – Cheeku Das. He had similar features like short hair and long ear.

2.  Ajinkya Rahane – Jinx

The simple story behind this name is that while IPL was on, Shane Warne could not pronounce his name and hence, he started calling him Jink. Cute isn’t it?

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3.  Sachin Tendulkar  – Master Blaster

The god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar was named Master Blaster, as since small age he was a great hitter. After he back benched the records of extraordinary cricket player Sunil Gavaskar at a young age, he was named with this title.


4.  Rohit Sharma – Hitman

Although we know that all his fans call him hitman but his but star cricketer Yuvraj Singh gave the nickname Shaana to him as he thinks, Rohit is a wise man.

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