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CRISPR is a new tool that helps edit the genome, this is one of the weirdest and unique transformations in the field of Biology – in a recent study, which was related to genetically – engineering, the human embryos have converted this amazing promise into a hype in the medical sector. However, the study of Gene is an old story, why has CRISPR become such a deal in recent times? Let us know what transformations it has in – stored within its flick.

CRISPR, in short, allows the scientists who are studying the same to edit the genomes with unparalleled efficiency, flexibility in the right amount of precision. In the past few years, we have seen this technology growing at a rapid rate, and several studies following the same have made its way in the masses. For instance, monkeys are created with targeted mutations; prevention of HIV in the human cell has also taken the people by surprise.

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How is CRISPR used in Human mutation process?

Let us take an example to understand how this could affect the human race and how the babies could be designed with the wish and will of parents.

If two parents suffer from the syndrome of dwarf and are puzzled that their kid should not suffer what they had, then they can undergo the treatment of CRISPR and it shall change the way their baby’s DNA would be designed, and he or she shall not be a dwarf anymore.

Such is the power of this newfound technology, the question is upon us that how much our scientific researchers are growing, and to what extent it is good to experiment with a human body.

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