Cricket in India: Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai, cricket ke Samay sab Bhai Bhai!

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India is a country divided yet united with religion. However, there is one religion that all of us follow with full love and decoration. You might know it as a game; for us, it is an emotion. It is Cricket.

Here we are to make our point that cricket is our religion and our ultimate pride that we believe in with full devotion.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar – the God of Cricket

When God himself resides in the country, it sure has to treat the play as a religion. One man- 1.3 billion proud people, backing him.

  •  Crazy fan following of our lovable heroes, heroines too!

Who doesn’t like watching MS Dhoni save the day for us in the final over? Every generation has one or the other hero they admire. We name Virat Kohli and Mithali Raj too for the millennials here.

  •  Celebration time – India ki jeet humara tyohar hai!

Indians need an excuse to celebrate any occasion, for that matter. When religion has festivals, we all dress up and celebrate. Cricket gives us many festivals to celebrate in the form of international tours and our favorite IPL.

  •  Cricket is the symbol of our unity

Are you a Hindu? Muslim? Sikh? or Christian? As we mentioned before, there are no religious boundaries when the talk is about cricket. ‘Hum sab fir hai Bhai Bhai!’

  •  Boss, I am unwell – We all are guilty of that on a match day.

When a cricket match is on the schedule for the day, your manager knows why you are suddenly ‘unwell.’ In fact, even your boss will be ‘unwell or will have some vital work.’

  •  Age caste creed – No boundaries whatsoever.

From a little kid to an oldie, we are never too young or old to try our hands at cricket. We also have our small tournaments down the ‘gully.’

  •  Indians love drama – Cricket never fails to add the masala in our life!

We all know that time when the IPL season is on. Even the moms miss on the daily soap dramas when the field is studded with different masala stories all over.

Do we still need to give you more reasons to follow our religion? We hope we made our point clear to you. At last, we can say Cricket ki Jai ho to add the needed spice.

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