Comedy movies to watch and kill the workload – we deserve it!

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Comedy films are without a doubt one of the most-watched genres in the entertainment world. Funny movies make us feel better instantly and there is no denying that laughter is indeed the best medicine and one of the best stress busters. Had a long day at the work place? Relationship is going through a stress? Exhausted and bored with daily chores? Just put on one of the best comedy movies on Netflix or any other OTT platform and you’re sorted.

Our entertainment industry has witnessed the evolution of comedy movies over time. Legendary artists like Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean made us giggle our hearts out without even speaking a word. Let us know about some of the best movies that are going to get you away off the stress that you might be feeling due to work pressure.

Top 3 Hindi comedy films –

Hera Pheri Series –

Paresh rawal, sunil shetty and akshay kumar starrer series is one of its kind and we are never getting over it anytime soon. If you are too a fan of clean comedy with punches that you will remember for a lifetime and office is pissing you off, tune in for some fun time.

Munna Bhai Series –

M bole tu .. M bole tu master pe master. Indeed the film is master when it comes to killing the boredom. Give yourself a jadoo ki jhappi with the amazing comic timing of Munna bhai aka Sanjay Dutt and Circuit aka Arshad Warsi. Complete your task and take a break with this amaze movie.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2 –

If office is not just the only thing that is bugging you but also the relationship you are a part of is a roller coaster – we suggest you go for Pyaar Ka Punchnama. It is the best choice for somebody who likes a story with comedy and satires to its addition.

Top 3 English comedy films –


Three best friends go to Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party; however, one of them goes missing. Reason? You need to watch the movie to find out! Their hilarious journey involves drugs, baby, and a lot of blackouts. Once you are done watching Hangover, don’t forget to watch the sequels as well!

Due Date

Robert Downey Jr. needs to be with his wife as she can deliver anytime soon. However, he misses his flight to reach to her. His only option is to get on a road trip with his… umm mate… Zach Galifianakis. The duo lands in hilarious situations and troubles and it will surely leave the audience in splits the entire time!

Just Go With It

The film can be considered quite problematic in the present times but you know… you can enjoy a mindless binge-watch and just go with it. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston acted to be an estranged couple to convince the man’s new girlfriend to wed him. Overall, the movie is a light comedy that won’t ever get old.

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