Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Samsung Galaxy M01 review

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TV Series

Hindi short films to watch amid work from home stress – because breaks are must!!

Are you done with watching and then re-watching the series and movies of your choice? Also, amid the stress of work from...

Content released directly on OTT platforms – Is it the new cult?

OTT platforms stand for ‘over-the-top’; initially, it was named about the devices that go “over” a cable box and let the user...

Books vs TV: Which one is more influential?

There has been an evergreen war raging between the TV lovers and Book readers, regarding what is the most influential mode of...

Facts and Stats about Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a huge e-commerce annual subscription service also a mass gaining live video streaming web plus mobile application service. It...

Ramayana becomes the world’s most viewed program by breaking all the TRP records

Ramanand Sagar's popular TV serial 'Ramayan' has become the world's most-watched show on April 16 with 7.7 crore viewers globally. The show...

Why television videos do not buffer but internet videos do?

Buffering was never a case in our so-called ‘idiot box’ (television) whether it is working with help of cable connection, set-top box,...

The famous Comedy show of Sony Entertainment’s The Kapil Sharma’s show to go audience-less, Check it out

We all know aware from this news that all the movie and television serial shoots have been put on hold due to...

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Comparison of the two giants – The OnePlus 8 Pro and the Mi 10 5G

The OnePlus 8 Pro and the Mi 10 5G from Xiaomi are both superb worth lead offerings, yet in the event that...

XIAOMI MI 10 DETAILED REVIEW – phone worth the hype!

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is the company's third endeavor to break into the superior segment, subsequent to being missing from it for...

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are continuations of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max - if there was...

Samsung Galaxy S10e review

The Samsung Galaxy S10e resembles a much-needed refresher in a world of behemoth smartphones with enormous displays. To be honest, we didn't...