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Do you remember the times when your elders asked about about your career plans? If yes, do you remember your answers – that I will be a pilot, doctor, nurse, journalist, engineer or so? It is high time now, we leave this mainstream thinking, there are jobs, which are sure to let you scream in joy. Really? It might sound a bit uncanny to you, but they are real-time professions that we are about to witness.

Let us take a dive in the article and know about some of the most bizarre jobs that will make enough money for living, let us begin

Professional pusher

In Japan, it is a job profession that is being followed for quite some time now. The pusher makes sure that all the workers reach on time and they could be seen on bus stops, metro stations, and more.

Professional sleeper

Is that you? Professional sleepers have to sleep while scientists research those people to know about various sleep disorders. We all want to sleep and be paid Right?

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Rental boyfriend

Yes, you just read that right about this job. In Tokyo, if you have money you have a boyfriend, you can simply hire a guy and ask him to be your boyfriend. Want a one-way ticket?

Wedding guest

You can stop LOLing about it is as it is a legit job in Japan, you could be asked to attend a wedding and you will be paid for the same. Moreover, free food, loving it!

Deodorant tester

Sounds interesting? No! It is testing from the body, these people have to poke in the armpits of people and know-how does the perfume or deodorant work on the body and stays for how long.

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