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The moment we think about this food; we automatically imagine many triangles beautifully placed in a square cardboard box – Pizza. This tradition of serving has not changed ever since it came into the market. Today, there are so many chains, which are only serving this snack, but no one has ever gone out of the trend of cutting it into the shape of a triangle and selling it in square-shaped cardboard boxes.

Is there a marketing idea behind it, or is it just how it is? Let us find out by taking an example of the history of your favorite and delicious ‘Pizza’.

Law behind the design of pizza

The dough of the pizza is circular because of the centrifugal force when it is thrown into the air while being molded. A pizza can be sliced into the form of a pie.  It is the most natural way to cut in a circle. It has packaged in a square box, as it was the cheapest and simplest to transport.

What we can grasp from this is that one must follow the law of nature when designing, or packaging. Most of the marketers tend to follow the aesthetics and ignore the aspect of creating consumer-friendly packaging.

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Add experience to the product

During the 1960s in the United States of America, pizza changed from being just another dish to experience, as consumers got an opportunity to dine outside at chains such as Pizza Hut.

They were given options to choose from several toppings; this gave the pizza a new high in consumption.

Another growth was witnessed when it started home delivery. Always try to create an experience for the consumer through what you are selling. An additional motive behind purchasing a commodity will always bring more and more growth.

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