Books vs TV: Which one is more influential?

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There has been an evergreen war raging between the TV lovers and Book readers, regarding what is the most influential mode of information sharing!

1. Relaxing and Entertaining: after a tiring day at the office, lying on a sofa and watching TV is more relaxing as well as entertaining than reaching out for a book, putting your glasses and reading words. All you have to do is switch between channels of your choice.

2. Best pass time for everyone: Yes, One TV for everyone! It is the best time pass and friend for a person with any age. It has cartoons for kids, movies, serials, and education channels. You name it, and our TV has it. On the contrary, a Book, which could create magic for you, might not work the same for others.

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3. Visualization, Imagination, and Creativity: Here, Books get an edge over TV. While reading books, we enter into a zone of our imagination where we are free to think and make-up things as per our choice without any constraints. Reading waters our visualization and creativity. On the contrary, TV spoon-feeds us everything, and we do not have to make any extra efforts, thus rusting our imagination and visualization skills.

5. Environmental loss: TV needs electricity and books need pages made out of trees. Therefore, both cause environmental damage, but books win because what is printed once will stay forever in the books and would not need to be written repeatedly.

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