BMI | Not a perfect parameter to know about your health

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What does the word health signify? Is it all about the fact that someone has big pumped up muscles? On the other hand, maybe a 36 – 24 – 36 stereotypical figure stats for women. The science says no.

How much ever unlikely it may sound but that is not the truth. It cannot just be the only parameter to decide if the person is healthy or not. Various other frames have to be taken good care of while we are noticing on the factual details of our bodily health.

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What is fat or not being healthy all about? Is it the weight of the skin you are carrying? Even a person who is building muscles and hitting the gym to have pumped – up shape also a part of fat? Not at all.

The weight is completely depending upon the muscles, bones and other fatty acids that resent in our body. Hence, a bodybuilder is not fat even when his BMI will not fall in place as he is muscular.

BMI – The body mass index is all about the height and weight and its proportion to each other. Yes, it is also an important phase to check if you are a fit bit. However, the health depends on what you eat, how active you are, what the circumference of your belly is, and what internal issues your body is going through.

We should not consider BMI as a limitation to know how we look. Eat healthily, have a disciplined lifestyle and feel good in your skin – that is when you will be the definition of a healthy human inside out.

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