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All set with a bowl of popcorn, AC is on; blankets up, laptop on charging and you are ready to binge on the new coming show on Netflix or Amazon Prime videos?

Before you will even know it, you will be of 10 episodes of the season and it is around 4:30 in the morning, it might sound interesting and attractive, but is a major loss for your health as well as degrades the value of the show as well.

Binge watching means being glued to a show or so and keep watching it in a loop without looking to the surroundings. How much ever this thought excites you, it is bad for your health, shall make you gain weight, or for that matter, it can lose a lot of it too.

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A study to prove the devaluation of shows because of Binge-watching –

In the recent study, which had taken place at the University of Melbourne, says that binge watching devalues the very importance of the show. It had taken three groups of people watching the same show, which was the first season of The Game”.

The setting was set as one week and six weeks. The participants were later quizzed after 24 hours, one week, and then 140 days. The people who were binge watching the shows tend to forget a lot about the story and its titbits. Moreover, they also enjoyed the show significantly less.

On the other hand, the group, which watched the show in the spread of about 6 weeks or might be one episode per week had turned out to be with sharper memories and called the show more enjoyable and entertaining.

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