Bigg Boss 14: Furious Aly and Abhinav call each other Bandar and Bhains!

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In the teaser of Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, gharwalas were being offered their customized coffee supply until the end of the show. It leaves them confused and amazed. In any case, Aly chooses not to allow anybody to enter the way to get the coffee and advises the same to Rahul Vaidya. Rakhi Sawant gets distraught at him and yells that she can’t survive without coffee.

Aly discloses to them that lone Devoleena will head inside, nobody else. He prevents others genuinely from going, which makes Abhinav mock him. He says, “Aly! Kya ho Gaya? Abhi to bade claim kiye? Mai Aaj Kisi ko Jaane nahi Dunga.”

At the point when both Rakhi and Devoleena advance inside to get coffee, even Rubina doesn’t refrain from bringing up a taunting statement, “Abhi ye dhakka-mukki hui, iske liye tu dharna nahi karega apne dost ke saath?”

Abhinav calls it ‘selective morality’. While Aly continues saying he will do anything for Rahul, Abhinav calls him ‘kamzor’ (powerless) and his dangers unfilled. Aly answers, ‘Naach Bandar naach, Pura show naachta raha’ and Abhinav rants at him by saying, ‘Bhains hai tu bhains.’

Both test one another, get furious, and keep on battling for the remaining part of the task assigned to them all. Rahul intercedes to stop Aly. However, Rubina is seen as furious and angry with Aly’s conduct.

Indeed, even in the past episode, Rahul, Aly, Rubina, and Abhinav had got into a heated contention after Rahul spoke ill about Rubina and Abhinav’s marriage. Their battles in the house and contrasts appear to be continually expanding.

What do you think will be the next controversy in the Bigg Boss house, do comment and let us know.

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