Best uses for your leftover perfumes – Not even a drop wasted!

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Let’s face the fact that perfumes are expensive and we want them to be utilized till the very end of their drops. We will help you use them till the last drops. No wastage is our vision! Wink! Wink!

Diffuser to the disposal

Recently, my lavender essential oil was exhausted. Rather than ordering another one online and trusting those days for it will arrive at my doorstep, I utilized my extra perfume like a pro! The stunt here is to add less water and 6-7 drops of the perfume to the diffuser. I wager your room will smell like a spa, that too at no additional expenses!

The DIY Sachet

I have a dedicated cabinet at home where I stack every one of my undergarments. Since I had extra perfume, I considered making a scented sachet and putting it in the cabinet such a huge number and the space smell new and, dislike the cleanser. This is what I did – I drenched a couple of cotton balls (can utilize cotton pads too) in the extra perfume and put them in a minuscule cotton sack – indeed, it’s that easy peasy lemon squeeze!

The bedsheet smells like you!

This is a stunt I gained from my sister and it works impeccably. You simply need to pour a couple of drops of perfume into a splash bottle (this is the place where your extras can prove to be useful), topping it off with water. Shake well and splash on your bed sheets, drapes, pads, couch, and blankets for that rich lodging vibe. The pleasure is all mine!

Dreamy car scent

I think those hanging car revitalizers are a misuse of moolah. They make your car smell extraordinary for a couple of days. I like to blend my leftover perfume in with some water and splash it everywhere on the car. Since the perfume has a more grounded scent, it’s bound to keep going for quite a while. 

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