Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Coffee for Skin Care and Beauty

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Coffee is best known as the beverage that helps us wake up in the morning and makes our mood fresh. But many of us don’t know that coffee has surprising beauty benefits as well.

Coffee is a good source of nutrients and antioxidants that may benefit health, skin, and hair. It stimulates blood flow in the skin and also makes the skin glow. Coffee is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient. Also, coffee is a great exfoliator. Moreover, it removes the layers of dead skin cells. And the best benefit of Coffee for Skin is that it can be used on all skin types.

Here are some amazing benefits of Coffee for Skin Care and Beauty.

Coffee for Radiant and Smooth skin

Coffee works great as a natural scrub. You can make a good facial scrub by mixing ground coffee, brown sugar, and olive oil and massage it on your face in circular motions to buff away the dead skin cells.

Coffee can be used as a Body Scrub

The best benefits of coffee for skin are its exfoliating properties which makes it a great body scrub. Mix 1 tbsp of each coffee and also coconut oil and prepare your coffee scrub. Massage the skin on your body with this body scrub for 5-6 minutes. Then, wash off with cold water. Repeat twice a week for glowing and healthy body skin.

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Cellulite reduction

Coffee helps to tighten skin and also reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. You can try using fresh, wet coffee grounds to scrub and exfoliate areas of cellulite. The exfoliation may also help smooth the skin and stimulate blood flow.

Getting rid of puffy eyes

Coffee is very helpful in eliminating under-eye puffiness by increasing blood circulation and shrinking blood vessels.  While making a cup of coffee, keep the grounds aside, and let them cool for some time. Apply the leftover under the eyes and eyelid area for a few minutes and later rinse it off with cold water. For puffy eyes, you can also make the coffee ice cubes for this purpose.

Acne treatment

Acne occurs when oil, dead skin cells, and other substances clog pores, which can become infected by bacteria, resulting in inflammation. Scrubbing the face with coffee grounds can help to clear away dead skin cells and unclog the pores.

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