Are video games a good choice?

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A study determines the fact that the people who are more into video games have better development of their brains rather than the non–gamers. The study also elongates the fact that it is not rocket science that the video game player will be more intelligent.

The gamers are said to be great adapters and grasp whatever is taught to them with efficiency and can show great improvements in their performances.

Medical science has a great advantage for the gamers, there are medical operations like that of laparoscopy, which is greatly beneficial for the people who have spent their childhood gaming. The study says that a gamer is a better surgeon rather than that of a non–gamer for they have to use a product like a joystick to perform the operations and as their hand-eye coordination is brilliant they tend out to be better in the medical field.

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 Though we have herd that there are games that promote unattended violence and children playing the video games might affect the development of their brains in a bad way. To grab your notice, anything done in excess is the thing which is not done right hence, we should have a set time to play and excessive usage of the games might lead us with negativity in our thought if they are violent.

To conclude, a study also proves that if you play car-driving games, you might become a better driver in the future and you can learn the process of driving fast. If you play shooting games, there might be a case that in real life too your hand-eye coordination might be at the Ace level.

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