Apple, Google launch Covid-19 ‘Exposure Notification’ tool: here’s how it works

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Apple and Google have launched a software that will notify people if they have come in contact with someone who’s been diagnosed with the coronavirus or symptoms like to it. The tech giants have been working on the contract tracing app for months to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Termed as ‘exposure notification’ tool will utilize the Bluetooth radios of the smartphones of the users coming in contact with each other and the smartphone users will get the feature installed in their devices through a software update notification.

This feature will allow public health authorities around the world to create mobile applications that notify people when they may have come in contact with someone who’s been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Countries can use the feature to create contact tracing apps that citizens can download via Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store.

People who have updated their phones with the latest software will be asked for consent to the terms and conditions before the program is active. Once permission is granted, the user will be able to share their Bluetooth signal, recognizing the radio of other people who have downloaded an app that uses the software. If the user does not wish to continue with the tool, they can manually switch it off.

The technology will maintain user privacy and won’t collect location data from the device and won’t share the identities of users.

Under a document published by Apple, the company also explained how they will roll back the tracking once the pandemic is taken under control.

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