About Newscafe247

NewsCafe247 wishes to give the people a world to share and grow. Swarm with us in the exciting world of stories that are intended to tickle you exclusively. We do not follow trends; we choose to make them. From our exclusive categories of News, Business, Gadgets, Trends, Sports, Health and beauty, Entertainment, Lifestyle, we will cater to you what you have chosen and not what we are selling. We are a door to curated content for the reader in you. Get personalized updates on your favorite topics and the graphics that say more than a thousand words. We at NewsCafe247, the product of Peritus InfoTech contribute to make the world connected with a bundle of bewitching content specially designed for mass understanding. We wish to fill your regular day-to-day lull with moments of spiking curiosity and epiphanies. We are eagerly waiting for you to read our write-ups. We expect our readers to be much smarter and less predictable. We have in store for you more than what you would expect. Our creative team’s sole motive is to ensure innovativeness and creativity. In the upcoming months, we will bring Anthology for voracious readers; we promise to give more than we have promised.

Vision –

Like Arjuna had his eyes fixed at the eye of fish while he was to wed his beloved Draupadi, in same way we have our vision set to impress you with the quality of content that will be delivered on our portal. We wish to grow better for you each day and render our best work forward. We also aim to provide quality in our services and not compromise that in any case.

Our Mission –

Our approach at Newscafe247 is to promote content for people who enjoy the reader in themselves. We write content and provide daily news in the most brief and appropriate manner. The team of NewsCafe247 is creative and would love to see you enjoy our content to the fullest. Read on and know so much more of what we have to offer.

Why Us?

Making a choice is tricky. We all look for different aspects when it comes to making a choice. What makes us different from the same genre websites already available is the amount of effort we put in to be the best creation of ourselves. News, lifestyle, entertainment, business, sport, gadgets and finance are our key responsibility areas. We set our vision straight to give you what you will enjoy reading the most. Stay updated and informed with our portal.