5 proud vegetarian Bollywood stars who swear by greens

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While we all understand the love for our favorite chicken tikka masala and the fish curry that we relish. However, many people across the world are not fond of animal eating.

Bollywood is no exception, not in support of animal cruelty. We know a few Bollywood stars who swear by their greens and are total vegetarians. Are you excited to know who all of our favorite stars do not take a bit of that seek Kebab? Let us get into it and know about 5 such Bollywood heartthrobs who live on veggies.

1.  Sonam Kapoor

Even after being born and brought up by a hard-core Punjabi family, she opts for a different set of thoughts. She is a vegan and her husband follows the same lead. However, she used to eat meat as a child; the case is no more the same.

2.  Kartik Aaryan

He was named as the hottest male vegetarian celebrity in the year 2018 by renowned organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). He follows the path of veganism the same since childhood.

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3.  Anushka Sharma

She has always been very vocal about animal rights and does not find it a good option to kill and eat them Hence, we can claim that she is one of the most beautiful vegetarian women we might come across.

4.  Shahid Kapoor

He has serious issues with non-veg and cannot tolerate the smell even of the same. He has been open about it and even his then Girlfriend Kareena Kapoor had to ditch the idea of eating the meat for her beloved.

5.  John Abraham

If you want to bulk up and you think that meat is the only thing that will help you the best, you must take the example of vegetarian Bollywood star John Abraham who is a vegetarian and the physique we all die for almost instantly.

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